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Are you in the Market for a Safe, whether it is for you home, business, or maybe even a friend? Check out our Safe Market, you will find a safe that will fit your needs! Most importantly we are here to discuss your Safe Service needs.

As the customer, are you having a hard time getting into your safe? Is it a dial, the one you spin back and forth, or is it an Electronic Safe Lock? Does your Safe take a key, and you misplaced it?

What Can WE Do You For You

Safe Service

You keep your valuables in a safe, so servicing your safe can be very important. Keeping up with the service can be beneficial to a proper working safe. There are issues, such as hard turning dial, low batteries, or have a hard time opening your safe. When you start having these issues with your safe, give us a call.

Safe Repair

Are you having issues opening your safe? We can do most repairs on safes, so when you need us to take care of your safe problems, we will be here. Give us a call today.

Safe Opening

Is your safe locked up and you don’t know what to do? We offer many different methods of getting your safe open. Most safes can be opened and repaired allowing you to use them still. So when you need an experienced locksmith to get you in, leave it to us. Call us today.

Safe Key Duplication

Safes use key too. When you need an additional key for your safe, leave it to us to make you a spare.

Safe Combination Change

Do you have someone that has the combo to your safe and you don’t want them to have access? Changing the combination to your safe will be necessary for you at your home or business. We can change combinations to most safes.

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