How Safe is Your Home?

burglar Don’t let this happen to you!

Burglars will target you when you aren’t home. They ring the door bell several times, and knock on the door several times checking to see if anyone was home. Door Kick-Ins are more common than you think.

The lock you have on your door can also be a weakness.

Statistics show 52% of break ins are done through either the front door or the back door. It is an easy entry point and offers burglars a way to get stuff out of your home with ease. So what can be done to help prevent door kick ins?

Reinforcing the door frame is the single easiest way to help prevent door kick-ins. Most the time the standard strikes mounted on the frame have screws that are only an inch long, which offer no protection. Let us work on beefing that up for you.

The lock you have on your door can also be a weakness.

Many times a deadbolt can fail allowing entry. What about the hinge side of the door? Many people don’t consider the hinged side of the door as being a weakness. The same one inch screws used for the deadbolt strike are often used for the hinges. Putting longer screws on the hinge side can help prevent door kick-ins.

Let us discuss with you, your safety, and let us stop by for a security survey today!

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